More Poetry

Words that link
Make us think
Words in motion
Voiced emotion
Make us feel
Make us heal


The price is right
Gimme two with slight
Made in a flash
It does lash
Nutritious and fulling
When the wife not cooking

Oh Mango

Juicy escape
Swell shape
Sweet smell
Sugary spell
Ripe peel
Yummy reveal

Caroni Planes

Wheels down
Above this town
Northern hilltops
Planted crops
Precious cargo
Hello Trinbago

Tassa Drums

Fiery hot drum
Traditional custom
Bass smash
Cymbals clash
Speedy hands
Dancing fans


What a sight
Coloured and bright
Easily found
On the ground
Of flowers


Fete pump
Street jump
Soca vibe
Costume tribe
Calypso bard
Pan yard

Sunny Days

Clothes on the lines
This cold drink is mines
Jump in a pool
To make you cool
Heat from the sky
AC on high

Rainy Days

Sounds of rain drops
On the roof tops
Umbrellas come out
Gushing water spout
Avoid the puddles
Weather for cuddles

Broken Piano

No keys
Pedal seize
Worn strings
Age brings
Rotten wood
It once could